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Sell Back Your Book for iPhone

Want an even easier way to sell your books to We are pleased to announce Sell Back Your Book for iPhone. A FREE app to make selling books even easier!

Download it here

Scan QR with barcode scanner to go to iTunes


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Sell Back Your Book for iPhone Features:

Barcode Scanner

Scan the barcode of your book using the camera on your phone!

Make sure to be in a well lit area of the room when scanning!


You may type in ISBNS in the App by going to the Key in page. This lets you get quotes on books that do not have barcodes or if you are in a poorly lit area and the barcode scanner is not working well for you. You can enter both 10 and 13 digit ISBNS.

The 978 key will save your fingers some work because almost all 13 digit isbns begin with 978.


Any items with a price will be automically added to the cart. From the cart page you are able to remove items you do not wish to sell or checkout.


Checkout directly from this APP by simply clicking on checkout from the Cart page and you will be prompted to log in or enter your information to complete your order.

Do not have an iPhone? No Worries...

Pricing still available, just visit on your phone. Or if you have an Android phone get the Android App Here.

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sellbackyourBook - Sell books - SellBackYourBook
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