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Learn About Our Business

What is SBYB, Inc.?

SBYB, Inc. is the legal name of the parent company of and Both websites are managed and backed by the same hard-working team, providing you with the best options online for buying and selling used books. Owner and President Glen Nothnagel started our company out of his college apartment, seeing a need for more options for students and book consumers to upcycle their used books.

Our Beginnings

Launched in February 2008, was created to provide consumers a premiere location online to sell their used books, textbooks, graphic calculators, DVD’s, Video Game’s, and other electronics. Today, our focus is to provide you the best place to sell back your books for the best market value. To date, we’ve served over 1 million customers across every state in the US!

Our Buyback Process

Every customer can search via our website or mobile app for he books they are looking to sell using the unique ISBN number (located near the barcode). Instantly, you’ll be provided with a price quote, given indicated condition, for that particle title based on that day’s fair market value. Due to overstock and/or demand, we are not able to always accept all titles.

Once your quote is composed, you can proceed if your total is $7.50 or higher. You’ll be emailed a free shipping label, which you can affix to your package of books and send it off to our warehouse. Once received, your books will be carefully inspected for quality and your payment will be submitted right away. Please note that if there is an issue with condition, we may ship certain items back to you without payment.

Our Company’s Mission

Through the efforts of both of our sister websites, our core mission is to help and protect our environment be encouraging the reuse of items. We encourage reuse by offering consumers the ability to sell excess items easily. With every sale to, you are helping increase the supply of used goods in circulation, thus cutting down the amount of raw material needed for new merchandise.

Since starting in 2008, our company has recirculated millions of books into the book community. Each year, SBYB, Inc. also recycles over a million pounds of used paper and cardboard goods.
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