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Sell Calculators

How Does the Process work? Simply locate the calculator you wish to sell below and Click to Sell! After that you will see our instant price quote and be able to select how you would like to be paid, check or paypal. WE PAY THE SHIPPING and provide you with a FREE pre-paid mailing label! All Calculators must be in Very Good condition. This means the calculator should not have significant cosmetics issues and it should power on and work perfectly!

Payment for your calculator will be issued within three business days of the Calculator being received from the post office. For fastest payment be sure to choose PayPal.

How should you Ship?

TAKE OUT THE BATTERIES! We do not need them and they are dangerous to ship and could ruin your graphing calculator.

Package it in a envelope or box and make sure it is padded and then simply apply the Free Pre-Paid label you receive after checkout!

Sell Graphing Calculators
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