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How To Ship Books

Just Shipping One or Two?

Great for One or Two Books

Find them at a Shipping store or Pharmacy/Grocery Store

Size #5 is usually good for one text book (10.5" x 16")

Shipping more then a few?

A simple used box is perfect for a few books

Just remember a used box is fine as long as it still has good structural integrity (i.e. no cereal boxes, shoe boxes...)

Shipping Lots Of Books?

Use More then one box and make sure to keep each box under 50 pounds

Pack similar sizes with each other and try to avoid any dead space in the box.

No Matter What Method Above Always Keep in Mind these Best practices...

  • Use Lots Of Tape
  • No Dead Space
  • Right Size For Right Package

How To NOT SHIP Books!

Paper Padded Envelopes!

The Books may have fallen out or been damaged before they made it to us.

These Ready Post envelopes may tempt you at the post office but we would suggest you skip these ones. We find one sharp edge of a textbook will burst through the packaging and the book can easily be lost.

A Bubble Mailer is much better and usually is around the same cost!

No Priority Boxes when Using our Label!

$18.90 for postage deducted from customer because they used priority packaging.

Even though our label says Media Mail from time to time some one will affix it to a priority mailing box from the Post Office. We end up being charged by our local post office the cost of this and unfortunately have to charge the customer who sent it in the priority box the cost.

To avoid this do not use any First Class or priority boxes or supplies at the post office!

Not enough Tape on Box!

The side of this box was not secured and a few books fell out along the way.

Always Make sure to use a lot of tape on the side of the box! Also Make sure to use plenty of tape on the actual label. If using a box make sure to use void fill to get rid of any dead space. When in doubt use more tape!

Use lots of tape and do not forget about the side and bottom of the box!
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